Top 10 Hairstyles For Men With Heart Face

Are you a man with a heart-shaped face and looking for the perfect hairstyle to flatter your face shape? If yes, then you are in luck, as we have rounded up the top 10 hairstyles for men with heart face.

Whether you are aiming for a classic look or something more modern, these hairstyles will make sure that your personality shines through. From the classic buzz cut to the modern quiff, these inspiring haircuts are guaranteed to turn heads!

No matter what type of hair texture or length you have, there is a style for everyone. So read on to get inspired and find out which one of these styles best suits your face shape and features.

1. Volume-Boosting Quiff

The quiff is a timeless hairstyle that can be tailored to suit any face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, try this style for an instant boost of volume and texture.

hairstyles for men with heart face

To achieve the look, ask your barber for a long fringe that’s been textured and swept to one side. Make sure the sides are kept short and tight, as this will help create the illusion of an oval face shape.

Finish it off with some matte hair product to separate the locks and give them extra lift. With just a few tweaks, you’ll have a stunning style that will turn heads wherever you go.

2. Short Faux Hawk

The Short Faux Hawk is a great hairstyle for men with heart-shaped faces. It gives the appearance of a mohawk without having to actually shave your head.

1 hairstyles for men with heart face

To achieve this look, simply style the hair on top into short spikes and use some wax or pomade to hold it in place. The sides can be cut shorter than the top or left longer, depending on the desired look.

This style is perfect for everyday wear and adds a touch of edginess to any look.

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3. Brush-Up Hairstyle

The Brush-Up is a great hairstyle for men with heart face shapes as it adds extra height to the top of the head, which helps to elongate your face. To style this look, start by applying a medium hold pomade or wax to damp hair.

Then, brush the product evenly through your hair from root to tip. Finally, use a comb to separate and lift the front section of your hair up and back in an upward motion, creating texture and volume at the crown.

For added definition, you can use a small amount of product on individual strands while styling them back. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and is perfect for guys who want an edgy yet timeless look.

4. Spiky Haircut

Spiky hairstyles are one of the most popular haircuts for men with heart face shapes. This style is defined by short sides and a longer top, which can be styled in a multitude of ways.

3 hairstyles for men with heart face

To achieve maximum volume and texture, use a thickening or volumizing product on the top of your hair. For an edgier look, you can opt to style the hair up into spikes or leave it flat and sleek.

You should also keep the sides short in order to balance out the heart shape face with the volume of hair on top. A spiky haircut is perfect for those looking to add some texture and dimension to their look while still maintaining a classic style.

5. Textured Crop

The textured crop involves cutting the sides and back shorter than the top, with a textured finish achieved using scissors or clippers.

This style is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look that can be styled easily without too much fussing.

The texture of the hair gives it some added volume and helps to draw attention away from the heart shape of your face. You can style this look with some pomade, wax, or gel for an edgier vibe.

6. Mid Fade With Curly Fringe

The mid fade with curly fringe is a stylish look for men with heart-shaped faces. It features a fade cut that draws attention to the sides and back of the head, while the long curls on top keep the focus on your face.

The mid fade also helps to create an illusion of length and width in your face, which is perfect for those with a heart-shaped face. To finish off this look, use some pomade or wax to keep your hair in place and add volume and texture to your curls.

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This style is great for any occasion and will help you stand out from the crowd!

7. Medium Length Textured Cut

Medium length textured cut adds volume at the sides and crown, which helps to soften the longer top.

5 hairstyles for men with heart face

It’s low maintenance and easy to style, making it an ideal choice for any guy who wants a modern look that is easy to maintain. To get this look, ask your barber for a mid-length cut with plenty of texture on top.

Use a styling cream or mousse to give your hair definition and hold. Finish off with a matte product for that effortless “bed-head” look.

8. Side Part Comb Over

The side part comb over is a timeless hairstyle that works perfectly for men with heart-shaped faces. The classic cut involves cutting the sides short and leaving more length on top.

6 hairstyles for men with heart face

This style works best when you leave the top slightly longer, so the hair can be parted to one side. To get this look, use a comb to part the hair in a clean line and then apply some product to keep it in place.

If you have thicker or wavier hair, use a blow dryer to achieve a sleek finish. With this look, you can easily dress it up or down to suit any occasion.

9. Crew Cut With Short Beard

The crew cut is one of the most classic and timeless hairstyles for men with heart-shaped faces. The style is characterized by short hair on the sides and back, as well as a slightly longer length on top.

7 hairstyles for men with heart face

To soften the look, you can add some texture to the top with a matte product. Keep the beard short and tidy to finish off the look. For even more definition, try adding subtle sideburns to further frame your face.

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This classic hairstyle is perfect for those looking for a clean, timeless look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

10. Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is a hairstyle that’s timeless and perfect for men with heart-shaped faces. It involves sweeping the hair back from the forehead and combing it up to create a luxurious, voluminous look.

To achieve this style, start by applying pomade or wax to damp hair. Comb your hair back from the front, then use a brush to lift the hair up towards the crown of your head.

Finally, use a blow dryer to set the style in place. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks great whether you’re dressed up for work or going out for an evening on the town.

Final Words

Heart-shaped faces are unique and attractive. Men with heart faces can experiment with a variety of hairstyles, from short to medium and long lengths. This article has provided you with 10 of the best hairstyle options for men with heart-shaped faces.

From buzz cuts to fauxhawks and from spiky hair to quiffs, there is something for everyone. The key is to pick a hairstyle that complements your facial features while making you look stylish and confident.

With the right choice of haircut, you can make sure that your heart face looks its best at all times!

Key Takeaways

– Heart-shaped faces are defined by broad foreheads, full cheeks and narrow chins.

– There are plenty of hairstyles that look great on men with heart face shapes, including slicked back haircuts, spiky cuts, and mid fades.

– Medium length textured cuts, side part comb overs, and classic pompadours are also flattering styles for those with heart faces.

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